Nice seeing you again!


 With care and strict hygiene we will together live up to our responsibility

 to contain the corona virus.


 Hygiene measures in the apartments


  - at least 1 day between reservations for adequate ventilation and cleaning


- Cleaning of smooth kitchen and bathroom surfaces, door handles and floors

   with disinfectant cleaner


- Bed linen, towels and kitchen towels are washed at 60° C and with

   desinfectant washer


 - Hand desinfectant is available in the staircase,

   disposable masks available if required



Request to the guests: please open the windows when you depart, we will

 start cleaning the apartment after adequate ventilation.



 Minimum distance 1,5 m



 follow contact restrictions



  follow sneeze and cough etiquette



 Refrain from visiting if you come into contact with sick people or

  report illnesses